HMMWV Street Legal Titling Status by State

HMMWV Street Legal Titling Status by State

It has been some time since started our research regarding on-the-road titling of HMMWV’s (Humvee). We have learned much from our readership, customers, and enthusiasts. Many of our commenting readers have successfully titled, tagged, and insured their new warhorse, while many are still navigating the red tape that their home state’s DMV or DoD has created.

Rumor has it, part of all this debacle comes from the position AM General has taken attempting to mitigate liability for highway use of its HMMWV variants sold by the DoD to the general public. There are also theories that indicate that AM General is protecting the sales of its H1 by forcing Off Road Only EUC’s on DoD Surplus Humvee purchasers. Regardless of the actual reason, the fact is that if you buy a HMMWV from Iron Planet (or any DoD source in the future), it is expected that the vehicle is to remain off-road use only; most states/localities are attempting to comply with this fact.

There are a few major pieces of information we are sure about:

The fact that basic common courtesy, calm-assertiveness, and low-key approaches to gaining a clean title are pivotal to accomplishing this task. We can not stress this enough: DO NOT piss off your DMV representatives; these are the people that will ultimately be your first and last contact with getting your title and tags. Kindness and patience will be the key here.

Second, it seems that transferring a clean title from a more favorable state is the easiest and least cumbersome way to acquire a title – there are many companies out there willing to act as a broker in this situation (research your company prior to using them to ensure that they are trustworthy).

Third, terminology is everything; if you are at all concerned that your state will give you trouble, use less common terms for your Humvee (while avoiding at all cost known terms such as Humvee, HMMWV, or Hummer). Many of the motor vehicle departments have memos which outline what to do when such terms are used. Use instead: M998 (or other alpha-numeric designation as on your ID plates), AM General UT, or Utility Truck – just be sure to keep your cool when dealing with difficult personnel, another office or employee may not turn you down if no reports of unruly customers with Humvee requests are made.

And finally, be patient. Do not rush through your documents gathering process or grow impatient with your motor vehicle office; you will get denied or worse, create a situation where all the other new HMMWV owners may become unable to use your state for titling.

On a side note, get your SF-97, bill of sale, and/or FL Title (if still available) prior to attempting to tag and title your Humvee. As to which document to request, there is not a clear picture of whether the SF-97 or FL title will make the process easier – hopefully our blog commentators will keep an up to date picture of this situation. This will vary from state to state.

HMMWV Street Legal Titling Status by State

Alabama – No data at this time.

Alaska – No Data at this time.

Arizona – Mixed Reports; Some Off-Road Only, some reports of OHV title – Use 3rd party titling agency such as MVD-ADOT

Arkansas – No Data at this time.

California – Possible, will require substantial work. Successful one-day permit has been issued in several instance. Further success not known.

Colorado – not yet determined; promising leads. Reports of referals for off-road only to Parks and Recreation MV Dept.; others have not had denials and are still negotiating the MV chain of command.

Connecticut – No data at this time.

Delaware – No replies, but may be promising; try your local DMV office.

Florida – Mixed / Earlier successes. Reports of FL Off-Road titles being stalled by state.
Several purchasers have acquired legal on-the-road titles. The DMV in FL has become aware and made many of its offices and personnel aware of an Off-Road only policy. Tread carefully.

Georgia – Reports of successful titling. Proceed with caution and carefully deal with DMV. Most have been successful with SF-97, a few have transferred in the FL title and converted to road use.  Third party titling agencies may exist in this state.

Hawaii – No. Off Road Only. (feel free to try; don’t take our word for it).

Idaho – No data at this time.

Illinois – Collector plates / historical title/tag possible. No other data available.

Indiana – No data at this time.

Iowa – No data at this time.

Kansas – No data at this time.

Kentucky – Rumor of clear title; no actual data. Proceed with caution.

Louisiana – No data at this time.

Maine – No data at this time.

Maryland – Clean title possible. Suggest using 3rd Party Titling agency (such as TNT-TAGS). Historic tags may be issued.

Massachusetts – No data at this time.

Michigan – Off Road Only; DO NOT USE “HUMVEE” – Title will not be issued. Noted as hostile to OHV use of HMMWV. Proceed with caution if OHV title is desired in this state.

Minnesota – Mixed reports. Most indicate Minnisota is a “NO-GO” and is hostile to OHV titling. May depend on DMV office and personnel in question.

Mississippi – No data at this time.

Missouri – No data at this time.

Montana – No data at this time.

Nebraska – No data at this time.

Nevada – No data at this time.

New Hampshire – No data at this time.

New Jersey – Unknown status; several inquiries have been made, no replies. Proceed with caution.

New Mexico – No data at this time.

New York – No data at this time.

North Carolina – Mixed reports; difficult in most instances. Will vary by county and DMV office; most have had success transferring in FL or other title. SF-97 seems to be a “NO-GO.” Suggest proceeding with caution.

North Dakota – No data at this time.

Ohio – Reports of Off-Road Only.

Oklahoma – No data at this time.

Oregon – Rumor of 3rd Party Titling agency success. Tags have been sighted on HMMWV’s recently purchased. Unknown details.

Pennsylvania – No data at this time; inquiries have been reported, but no known progress.

Rhode Island – No data at this time.

South Carolina – Title possible; suggest proceeding without “Data Plate” from military. Call state and request VIN, inspection, and follow instructions of the inspector. You will likely want to avoid common terms like HMMWV/HUMVEE.

South Dakota – Off Road Titles only; inquiries made, no replies at this time.

Tennessee – No data at this time.

Texas – Off Road Only; DMV will inspect. Massive modifications required. Still awaiting update/response. Proceed with caution.

Utah – Reports of successful titles; no known process. Suggest 3rd Party Titling Agency. Plan B manages to title in this state.

Vermont – Possible. Use 3rd Party Titling Agency. (viable for transfer into most states).

Virginia – No known success; suggest Farm Use or Antique tags; massive modifications required for OHV Title; vehicle will be inspected.

Washington – No data at this time.

West Virginia – No data at this time.

Wisconsin – Collector plates possible. No further reports.

Wyoming – No data at this time.

US TERRITORY – St. Thomas – US VIRGIN ISLAND – 3rd Party Titling Agency may be possible for transfer; proceed with caution.

We hope this list will be helpful, feel free to comment with any success or failure in your state. We will update this list as reports come in. Don’t get discouraged, just keep trying and stay positive!

Note: This article is based on comments and emails received; the information conveyed in this blog article is only expected to be used as a starting point and may contain inaccuracies as the conditions, laws, execution, and processes are often relative to the office, personnel, and jurisdiction in question. Check the laws in your state; it is your responsibility to comply with them – bears no responsibility in this situation (know before you go to the DMV) – this article is provided for general information only; title at your own risk.

HMMWV Street Legal Titling Status by State



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